Caught in Australia’s campaign to ‘stop the boats’ were 30,000 people who landed, only to enter a legal limbo. Temporary is an eight-part podcast series that showcases stories from those seeking asylum in Australia.

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Episode 1: A limbo of Australia's own making

In the first episode of Temporary – a narrative podcast from UNSW and Guardian Australia – we meet Zaki, who fled a Taliban death warrant.

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Episode 2: No right to work, no right to study

In episode 2 of Temporary, hear how Zaki negotiated hunger, renting in Sydney, and a restrictive visa, to become an award-winning student who still isn’t allowed to call himself Australian.

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Episode 3: How do you say goodbye forever?

When Elaheh suddenly had to flee Iran, she didn’t realise what was next – or that she might never see her family again.

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Episode 4: A lifetime locked in detention

The average time asylum seekers spend in Australian detention is 564 days. Kumar shares his story of  being locked up for years without committing a crime. Hosted by Sisonke Msimang.

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Episode 5: When the answer is no

Listen to Arman share with Sisonke Msimang how he learned that, when you’re seeking asylum in Australia, there are no safety nets.

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Episode 6: Stuck in an endless loop

In this episode, Sisonke Msimang meets a father who lives in anxious uncertainty, enduring an opaque re-application process that could result in his being torn away from the family he sought to save.

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Episode 7: Does Australia’s asylum seeker policy actually work?

With Operation Sovereign Borders, the Australian government in 2013 began a war on people-smugglers, and people seeing asylum, that is still going. Host Sisonke Msimang hears how Hani got caught in the middle.

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Episode 8: Left behind in a global pandemic

The pandemic put everyone in limbo. For the first time, many Australians understood what it meant to be stranded, unable to cross borders, separated from loved ones. The federal government said we were ‘all in this together’ – but what about the refugees in Temporary?

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